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The English tradition with the “Afternoon Tea” was established by Anna the Duchess of Bedford. The lapse concerning the afternoon food as well as evening food was fairly lengthy. In order to end the starvation pains, Anna commenced possessing tea and scones to suppress her hunger. Before long she invited good friends and relations to affix her and within just time every person in England adopted match. Afternoon Tea was now customary.

Victorian tea get-togethers have been incredibly properly prepared and elegantly adorned. How the presentation of your foodstuff as well as teas have been introduced have been of terrific importance as well. Tea Functions became a distinguished characteristic during the Victorian and Edwardian period.

Having a Victorian Tea Celebration usually takes numerous hours of scheduling and preparing. Quite possibly the most important choice you may make, is where you will have it. Remember the types back then have been quite elaborate. To develop the perfect ambiance in your Tea Party you will have to provide the tea party menu hatterstime.org appropriate supplies. The drapes, the ornamental parts plus the flowers within the room you’ve got picked should co-inside with the Victorian period. If you will find any modifications that ought to be manufactured, check out your Grandma’s household very first, then your Mom’s and finally the store. While for those who have started out your planning perfectly in advance possibly you might want to take a look at several garage gross sales or thrift shops.


In Victorian times it was customary to hand produce your own private invitations. You need to get several items of parchment paper with envelopes, a beautiful quill pen, a bottle of ink along with a guide of stamps. The invitations have to include: location, day, time, what to dress in and that an RSVP is needed a single week just before the Tea Social gathering.

Plan your menu. Are you currently aquiring a Mild Tea or a Entire tea? A light Tea starts among 3 and four and it is for any much more compact team. A lightweight Tea generally has two programs which is scones and sweets. You can insert an assortment of other facet dishes at the same time. A full Tea begins concerning 5 and 6 and it is for your a great deal more substantial group. An entire Tea commonly consists of 3 programs which is scones, tea sandwiches and sweets. Other delicious facet dishes may well be also bundled this sort of as cakes, bon bons, nuts and candied fruits.

Make a listing of all of the elements you require to be able to make the dishes you have got picked, a listing of many of the condiments necessary, what teas you require to acquire, packets of Lemonade or Ice Tea, what bouquets if any, the title or names of classical CD’s you will get, what bash favors you require for your attendees particularly if you may have not had the perfect time to make them yourself, any desk decorations, all cleansing supplies or any trinkets you may need to have for prizes through the Tea Bash games.

For a Victorian Tea Celebration that is definitely reliable you will want the following, a Sterling Silver Tea Support with Creamer and Sugar Bowl, Salt & Pepper Shakers, complete Silverware Set, Serving Platters, Two Candelabra’s, Sugar Tongs, Serving Pieces, Pedestal Cake Plates, Jam or Jelly Serving Jar and Napkin Rings. A complete English Bone China Dish Set, a Crystal Punch Bowl, Water Pitcher, Serving Parts, Plates, Bowls, a Tole Tray, an Urn for Tea, a Desk or Table Cloths made of Damask, Lace, Linen or Cotton, Linen Napkins, Lace Cover or Doilies if the Table Cloth is printed and quite a few Taper Candles that match the decor.

Setting up the Table or Tables. When you use only a person desk make sure that it is large enough to showcase the entire China Collection, every one of the plates of Sandwiches, Treats, Sweets etc, that the Tea Cups have enough room in amongst, space for the Centerpiece, Candelabras, Tea Urn, Punch Bowl and the Chocolate Pot. When you decide to use two tables, 1 can be used for the Tea, Food items, Snacks etc. plus the other desk will be used for eating and socializing only.

Two days before your Tea Social gathering polish many of the silver. Create a menu or menu’s of what is being served and place on the table or tables. Bear in mind how you listed your Menu is the get in which your foodstuff should really be served.

Flowers from your very own garden should really be showcased throughout your household. An attractive bouquet of Roses, Pansies or Tulips should be your table’s centerpiece.

Music from the 1800’s was filled with some of your world’s best composer’s in history. Through your Tea Bash you need to have playing softly within the background classical compositions. My suggestions are:

1. Frederic Chopin: Nocturne No.18, Op.62, No.2 or Ballard in F Minor, Op 52/4 played by “Slovenska Filharmonia ( Orchestra )

2. George Frederic Handel: The Messiah played by London Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra Artist: Alldis

3. Johann Bach: The Extremely Best of Bach…. Dalia tea party menu Atlas Composer or Baroque Favorites by ( MY FAVORITE ) Johann Pachelbel Composer

4. Johannes Brahms: Symphony No.1 in C minor, Op.68 played by Philharmonic Orchestra, Otto Klemperer, Conductor

5. Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No.5 played by Cinncinnati Symphony

The Proper Dress for a Victorian Tea Celebration is: either a Victorian Tea Dress or even a Victorian Tea Gown. The dresses are ordinarily manufactured of either Lace, Silks, Satins or Velvets. Proper Young Ladies also put on gloves and also a Hat that’s decorated with either bouquets, tulle, ribbon or bows. ( Victorian Dresses can be found either in Grandma’s Closet, Victorian Outlets online, Local Vintage Shops or simply a Thrift Retailers )

Tea Party games were being commonly played all through the Victorian period. The most common online games played ended up: Musical Chairs, Charades, Scavenger Hunt ( alot of work ), Lawn Bowling or Croquette. It was considered a fun way to entertain good friends. Note that when you do approach a Scavenger Hunt.. You have to hide every one of the goodies and keep an accurate list. Little prizes were being always given to all of the winners.

Party Favors: The Hostess always gives her guests a social gathering favor. Probably the most common gifts are a teacup with saucer or numerous packets of different teas.


The Hostess of your Tea Celebration has a lot of responsibilities other than organizing the entire event. The Hostess upon the arrival of her guests, greets them, takes their outer garment, hangs them up, makes introductions to other friends, asks them if they would like a cup of tea, offers either cakes or candies or asks them if they would like to sit down. The etiquette of a Hostess is that she circulates throughout the home to see that anyone has met and that absolutely everyone is enjoying themselves.The Hostess will then enjoy a bit of conversation with her guests before calling everybody to your desk. Once the Hostess has let absolutely everyone know that it is time for tea, all her attendees will gather together as a person. Once the teapot is placed on the desk, the spout should always face the Hostess. The Hostess is the only one particular that serves tea to her visitors. The way that tea is served properly is, that the milk or cream always goes during the cup 1st, then sugar cubes followed by the tea. Through Tea, the Hostess continues for making sure that all her guests are comfortable and that everyone is a part in the conversation. If at any time the conversation stops, the Hostess will immediately start up a conversation that she knows will interest more than 3 of her attendees. The Hostess’s main goal is to generate sure that each and anyone has a wonderful time.

Guest Etiquette is to bear in mind that you simply stir your tea with a teaspoon and then position it lightly on the saucer. Do not area the teaspoon on the tablecloth or serving tray for this is considered improper. When you sit down at the desk, take your napkin, unfold it completely and lay it across your lap flat. Do not place it upon the table, throw it on your plate or let it drop to your floor. When you might be eating your foods, it is proper to eat with your fingers. When eating a scone, break it into little pieces and always eat just one piece at a time. Do not use a knife to cut your scone or use a fork to eat your scone. When that you are eating tea sandwiches again you eat this food stuff with your fingers. However be polite and only take a number of bites at a time. At a Victorian Tea Celebration you might be to get manners.

Quick Definitions:

Tole Tray: A laquered or enameled metal serving plate which is embellished with gold and beautifully painted.

Tea Urn: Is only used when you’ve a large occasion. Make the tea within the kitchen, strain extremely very well, pour back again into the urn and light-weight the lamp. It will remain fresh for numerous several hours.

Flaring Cups: Is a Tea Cup that increases gradually in width


Tea Suggestions:

1. White Tea: Is a lightweight Blend. Out of the many teas it ranks number one particular. Highest antioxidant levels.

2. Green Tea: Is a Mild Blend. Helps lower cholesterol, good for headachs and depression

3. Chai-Tea: Chai is the generic identify for Tea. Helps lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol

4. Pu-erh Tea: Aids digestion, reduces cholesterol, helps with weight loss, improves eye sight, and improves blood circulation.

5. Oolong Tea: Helps reduce heart disease, inflammatory disorders, controls obesity, is used in treatment for diabetes and helps protect someone from cancer

6. Black Tea: Helps prevent heart attacks, strokes, might prevent stomach, prostate and breast cancer.


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